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Moroccan Cocktail Olive
Boufarik Cocktail Olive
Cracked Green In Garlic Olive
Moroccan Olive Cocktail:
The spicy flavours of Marrakech in this cocktail of olives and condiments soaked in a heady cumin dressing.

Boufarik Olive Cocktail:
A mild oriental mixture with sunny colours mixed with a delicate smooth pepper and onion dressing, a treat for your taste buds!

Cracked Green Olive in Garlic:
A delicious cracked green olive with the captivating taste of garlic, whose health-promoting properties are widely recognised.

Cracked Green Spicy Olive

Mexican Cocktail Olive

Oriental Cocktail Olive
Hot Green Cracked Olive:
To titillate your taste buds, a green olive mixed with chillies, all soaking in a peppery dressing, quite something...
Mexican Olive Cocktail:
Aptly represented Mexican cooking in this subtle mixture of olives, red kidney beans, baby corn and onions bathing in a mild chilli dressing.
Oriental Olive Cocktail:
A surprise with each mouthful in this cocktail consisting of 12 different olives and condiments, generously accompanied by a spicy red sauce.
Pitted Green Basil Sauce Olive
Sicilian Cocktail Olive
Sliced Cocktail Pizza
Green Pitted Olive with Basil:
Our Fresh Olives mixed with basil, the perfect and tasty balance for a freshy, dynamic salad.
Sicilian Olive Cocktail:
A mild cocktail of olives, peppers and fennel, delicately flavoured with a garlic, parsley and
coriander dressing.
Pizza Pasta Olive Cocktail:
Just sprinkle your Pizza, pasta or salad with our sliced cocktail for a mixed olives and gherkins savor.

Natural Black Olives
oil cured black Olive:
famous Natural Greek style black olives (tradition & Authentic fruit flavour).

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