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With more than 20 years of experience in the Olive industry, our family-owned and operated business is the leader in Europe for Olives for food service and specialty Olives with more than 7,000 tons of olives sold each year.

Headquartered in Vitrolles en Provence, near Marseille, France the family factory and olive farm is nestled in a quaint village surrounded by friends and family members who have grown up at Provence Olives.

"Now with two additional factories in Morocco and a distribution center in Dallas, Texas, we are able to share our incredible products with connoisseurs around the world under our brand Sevilo.

All products are OK Kosher certified, one of the world’s most respected symbols of kosher approval. With the largest olive collection in France, we proudly serve well known companies and distribute in Europe, USA, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Israel & more

In keeping with the growing demand for our products, we manufacture not only the classics and naturals olives, but have expanded our product list to include olive oil (organic, flavored, AOC, extra virgin, virgin, Pomace-oil), gourmet tapenade, delight spread, cured vegetables and other exclusive olive mixes.

Not only do we manufacture olives in pails and cans, but also in vacuum pack which brings together the longevity of the olives in cans and the flavor and freshness of the olives in pails.


1986 From their garage in Marseille, France, Daniel Beroune and his brother begin distribution of Olives to local bars and retail stores in Provence.
1987 They buy their first olive drums and after several months of studies, analysis and tests they finally find the PERFECT way to cook and marinate olives for mix and cocktail.
1988 Provence Olives is officially launched and starts to sell locally.
1991 Conserverie Franck, our first Moroccan factory is opened.
1993 Our products are recognized regionally and beyond for our quality and savoir-faire
1996 Provence Olives starts to sell in Europe and becomes the leader in food service nationwide.
2001 Provence Olives buys Marqolive, created in 1968, which specialized in French Olives and gourmet Tapenade products.
2002 Provence Olives acquires an olive oil mill in Le Thor en Provence.
2006 Sevilo, Inc. is created, a subsidiary based in Texas for the North American Market.
2007 Provence Olives expands distribution to North America, North Europe, Russia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Israel and Japan.
Present A new factory is being built in North Morocco with 80 hectares (200 acres) of olives trees to further develop Provence Olives.



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Keeping with the tradition of our rich heritage, Provence Olives provides the best products at a fair price.

We are able to offer competitive prices because our products are manufactured within our own factories without any intermediary services to bring “La Provence” to your table!

By choosing our olives directly from the trees, our products are first choice and well known for their exceptional quality.